Movement, fluidity, impermanence and awakening are the key words that I tried to encode in my creations. I look at the creation of exquisite items with great responsibility. They remind me of a dragonfly flying on a
sunny spring day when everything begins to enter full bloom. Let it be our guide and messenger in the world of illusions we currently live in. Instead of shying away from it, let's aspire to find the colourful and indispensable flowers of this world, that prevents our life from becoming monotonous and grey. Each piece of jewellery was created as a small part of the illusory world, with its own story and mystery.
Maya – according to ancient Indian philosophy and Vedic texts - the world of illusion and magic. The world which we desire to be real. The world we always desire to return to and not to lose. The force and principle that conceals the true nature of spiritual reality.